SUSI - Your Digital Associate 

For the medical practice

AI functions from SUSI

  • 24/7 telephone availability
  • Own SUSI phone number
  • Simple integration via call forwarding
  • Request & take contact details
  • Making an appointment on the phone
  • Postponement and cancellation
  • Appointment reminder (outbound telephony)
  • Recognise treatments
  • Patient authentication
  • Intelligent call forwarding
  • Answering any question

SUSI reduces the personnel expenditure in your medical practice and increases your availability.

If your staff are unavailable due to other activities or when the line is busy, SUSI steps in, answers the call and can automatically make calls to your callers.

For example, SUSI makes a binding appointment directly, records relevant information, answers questions or forwards the call to the right contact person.

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SUSI explanatory video

Your advantages with SUSI

Would you like to reduce your personnel costs and increase your availability at the same time?


Request your SUSI now! Request your SUSI now!


For which sectors and for which use cases is SUSI suitable?

In principle, SUSI can be used for every conceivable application.

Our AI-based Digital Assistant automates diverse processes in the industrial, medical, automotive, retail and service sectors.

SUSI learns to work together with your existing systems. For medical practices and car dealerships, we offer custom-fit integrated SUSIs within the framework of cooperations.

Other use cases are possible, regardless of the industry. Generally, SUSI can be used to ensure telephone availability, for example. We offer telephone availability with SUSI for every company in licence packages.

In addition, we are constantly expanding SUSI's areas of application within the framework of research cooperations with various innovation partners, universities and colleges.

Request your SUSI now and we will take care of providing you with a custom-fit SUSI. Together we will reduce your staff costs and increase your availability!

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Why should I use SUSI for my company?

SUSI relieves you and your staff of administrative and recurring tasks, freeing up time for relevant communication and activities.

Benefit, for example, from 24/7 telephone availability and automated appointment scheduling, as well as cross-system workflows and communication processes.

Do I need any special hardware for the setup?

SUSI is connected to the existing IT infrastructure and can process inputs from various channels and output them to existing target systems.
Classic interfaces are as follows:

  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • API (Programming Interfaces)
  • GUI (user interfaces of programmes)

In the case of an on-premise solution, we will of course be happy to provide you with the necessary hardware.

What happens if SUSI does not understand my client?

If SUSI does not understand the caller several times (individually configurable), it connects him or her with a human colleague.

Through our so-called "red flag recognition", SUSI recognises relevant key terms (e.g. in the medical field: emergency, acute pain, etc.) and thus forwards the call immediately to a colleague.

Alternatively, in case of non-understanding, SUSI can collect the caller's concern and contact details and send an email to your team.

What distinguishes SUSI from other speech dialogue systems?

SUSI can be integrated into any IT infrastructure, offering flexible deployment options. For example, it can work together with other programmes to enable smooth processes and thus fully automate repetitive tasks.

Another special feature is the hybrid voice control:

If SUSI gets stuck, the human takes over in the background. This means that the system is always better than the state of the art. The European Patent Office has accepted the SUSI&James method and registered it as a patent. We are moving away from chatbots towards a digital employee with interfaces to telephone, video, email and other systems.

Are there also male digital employees?

Our digital employees can be individually adapted to the wishes of our customers.

This means: The voice can be replaced by another (for example, male). Alternatively, voice recordings of humans can replace the voice of SUSI.

Of course, you can choose the name of your digital employee yourself. As a rule, our customers prefer the character SUSI. 

Where can I see a demo of SUSI?

Since SUSI has very diverse areas of application and expertise, we would like to introduce SUSI to you in a personal meeting.

Due to the high volume of enquiries for SUSIs and to give us an idea of the application for which you need your SUSI, please provide us with some information. Simply fill out our SUSI enquiry form and we will get back to you promptly with a demo!

You have more questions?

Do not hesitate and ask for your own SUSI! Our SUSI experts will get back to you promptly.

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Customer testimonials

"SUSI is the Digital Employee we can count on."
We receive hundreds of calls a day and especially during this extraordinary time, SUSI's support is pure gold. It offers us considerable added value. Our staff are relieved and our practice is always available for our patients. This gives us a great feeling.
To cut a long story short:
We fell in love with our new colleague SUSI!

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