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We support renowned companies through the use of innovative technologies and our AI in quality assurance. In independent projects, quality assurance and complaint processes are digitalized, automated and optimized.

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Use Cases of our AI in Quality Assurance

24/7 incident management of the AI

Due to the synchronization of the value creation processes of modern supply chains, interruptions in the regular logistics process are associated with high effort, time losses and consequential costs, often along the entire supply chain up to product delivery. Since interruptions occur again and again despite the 0-defect approach, it is crucial to quickly and comprehensively record problems in order to generate and deploy a solution in a targeted manner and at short notice. This is where our AI comes into its own. At SUSI, problems can be reported 24/7 in a natural dialog. Whether on the phone or via chat, it records the problem, conducts a dynamic error dialog, documents it in the customer system and triggers workflows in real time. This allows, for example, delivery delays to be taken into account transparently and automatically, the process to be set in motion automatically in the event of transport damage, or shortfalls to be reported and compensated for. In the process, problem reporting is fast and uncomplicated, the data is complete and - because SUSI is always in use - it absolutely reliably shortens or avoids the duration of harmful special processes.

Common Parts Management

Internationally established (automotive) manufacturers have numerous production sites on several continents in various countries. The individual parts are often assembled by the same supplier companies at different production sites. In current corporate practice, when a quality defect occurs in identical parts, production at the corresponding location is stopped and the defect rectification process is started. In parallel, however, production continues at all other sites supplied by the same supplier, usually without knowledge of the problems that have occurred. In this case, the manufacturing company runs the risk of installing parts with quality defects, which can lead to cost-intensive rework or even product recalls. SUSI&James' AI-based solution constantly monitors any production processes and analyzes the impact of quality defects in real time. In the process, stakeholders in potentially affected additional sites are informed instantaneously in their respective languages, alerted to potential risks and suggested mitigation measures. This prevents the installation of defective parts and thus increases quality while reducing costs. Furthermore, cross-site evaluations create transparency and facilitate possible recourse claims.

Industry 4.0 Digital Twin

Our Digital Twin is the digital image of a company's production and complex process chains. The modeling of the production chain and its individual steps can be created intuitively, without prior knowledge and in a few minutes. Properties, dependencies, and flowing materials are assigned to the respective steps and linked with each other. The cloud approach of our Digital Twin makes it an effective collaboration tool for global teams. The Digital Twin provides both the "big picture" of complex interrelationships and the detailed view of an individual cell, thus creating transparency The plant-independent processing of machine and process data in real time enables simulations, live dashboards, end-to-end manufacturing documentation, predictive quality alerts. Using advanced algorithms and AI models, the system identifies influencing factors and root causes in complex root cause analyses. The Digital Twin enables digital marking of suspect parts in the live process for quality control and identifies affected components through historical data in case of failure.

Market monitoring for field failures and recalls

In addition to fulfilling existing product monitoring obligations, more and more companies are discovering the data from international market monitoring as essential and guiding for business decisions. In particular, product strategy, technical development and sales benefit. As a rule, this information is collected in companies at irregular intervals by employees "on the side". Individual departments collect the information they need independently, with their own systematic approach and their own focus. As a result, this treasure trove of data is created at great expense, but cannot be used because information is available twice, not at all, or simply not comparable. With the Warranty Claim Service, SUSI&James offers a portal in which this data is collected from globally accessible sources and processed intelligently by our AI. This provides a company's employees with a complete collection of comparable data with history. Equipped with search and analysis tasks, our AI significantly reduces the workload of employees with unprecedented data quality, leading to competitive advantages for our customers.


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