AI in Customer Service: Digital Employees for Retail & Service

Our Digital Associates for Retail & Service can be easily integrated into a wide variety of system landscapes. The scalable architecture allows a step-by-step introduction into your company. Repetitive, time-consuming, non-value-adding processes are often among our customers' problems and lead to employee dissatisfaction.

In particular, we use our AI-based telephony solution, the Smart Office, for our customers. Our artificial intelligence SUSI ensures 100% availability, which leads to higher customer satisfaction. Our individualized digital employees open up far-reaching possibilities for optimizing a wide range of business processes. In this way, we create space for value-adding activities of human employees.

Smart Office - our solution for your call center

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Use Cases of our AI in Customer Service

Constant accessibility

Car dealerships: The accessibility of car dealerships by telephone is a challenge in many ways: customers call outside opening hours, employees are in a customer conversation that they do not want to interrupt, or all lines are busy. Yet contact, especially from potential buyers, is worth hard cash. This is where our artificial intelligence - which at Renault Retail Group goes by the name of Zoe - comes in. Zoe takes over the telephone call overflow and records the relevant request in a dialog with customers. The system's learning AI forwards the information to the specialist departments accordingly. This not only leads to better accessibility of the car dealerships, but also to accelerated processing of customer concerns and relieved employees. In addition, without the need for additional resources, our AI in customer service significantly improves the customer experience and reduces the lead time to problem resolution.

The guest in focus

Hotel and hospitality industry: Companies from the hotel and hospitality industry are often confronted with the same problems: strained staffing situation, shortage of skilled workers and many telephone inquiries to the service team. At this point, our Smart Office provides support from guest service to case closure. The hotel employees are relieved by a takeover of the telephone calls by our AI in customer service and can now devote themselves more intensively to the guests in the house. Our technology classifies the recorded concerns of callers and provides them to the right team members. This means that - if necessary - a quick and competent callback is possible.

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