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What is important to us as a company and who fits in with us?

What is important to us

Good working atmosphere

Communication & Reliability

Long-term cooperation & commitment

Who fits us

Innovative minds

Motivating Drivers

Creative Characters

Our vision

The vision of SUSI&James is to promote value-adding interaction and communication between people. Unfortunately, in today's often hectic work environment, the necessary time and freedom to do this is lacking. SUSI&James develops Digital Workers based on modern technologies that free human colleagues from repetitive tasks while providing the best possible user experience. The resulting free space can be used for topics for which human qualities such as empathy or creativity are absolutely necessary. This includes, for example, active communication with customers or the generation of ideas in workshops. This creates a productive, sustainable and appreciative working environment.

Our values

Our appearance and our communication is always open and honest with managers, colleagues and customers. We communicate our opinions clearly, non-judgmentally and constructively. Our cooperation is characterized by mutual loyalty; we can rely on each other. We support and help each other, actively share know-how and look out for each other. We act as a team and put the success of the team in the foreground. We identify with our work, act independently and stand by our decisions.
We always act in the interests of the company and make decisions as if it were our own company. Growth orientation, while ensuring economic and ecological sustainability, determines our actions. Through growth, diversification and profitability, we create a fully independent company.
We create a highly innovative product that has the potential to revolutionize the market at any time. Our work result is excellent, realized by the demand of each employee to work holistically, sustainably and efficiently. We do not settle for less and are aware that this is crucial for the company's success.
We know the requirements of our customers and the market, and our product is always geared to them. Continuous development, innovative strength and excellent user experience form the basis for a leading position in the market. 

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SUSI&James Newsletter

Be informed once a quarter about product developments, relaunches, events and much more!

Our departments

Business Unit EVA

Julian Gerhard - CTO & Head of Business Unit EVA
BU EVA is responsible for the technical aspects of product development, addressing innovation issues & supporting and developing developers. Daily tasks include requirements engineering, the continuous improvement process of the technical foundation of the products and design thinking around cutting edge technologies.

Automotive & Industry Business Unit

Thomas Ohde - Head of Business Unit A&I
The Automotive & Industry BU bridges the gap between old and new economy. We advise and support large European companies in their digital transformation. Language processing & process automation, implemented with the latest technologies such as machine learning, are an important part of our projects in the areas of development, production, quality, logistics and research with various industry partners.

Trade & Service business unit

Dr. Alexander Fischer - Head of Business Unit H&S
The Retail & Service BU focuses on the development and sale of our main product Smart Office. In addition, we implement innovative projects for digitalization and process automation with our industry partners in the Retail & Service domains. We work closely with our customers, acting with our know-how as a consulting and problem-solving company.


Marcel Martini - Managing Director
Marketing works predominantly on the brand awareness of SUSI&James through online and offline marketing. Marketing tasks include sales support measures, content creation for social media management and performance marketing. In addition, we run campaigns and support offline marketing by creating articles for PR.


Jennifer Höbel - HR Manager
HR at SUSI&James ensures optimal process planning around the resource of employees. The day-to-day business is personnel administration and the management of applications. The other focus is on personnel development and employee retention. For strategic orientation and planning, personnel controlling is an additional subarea.


Patrick Oltmann - Head of Sales
Sales at SUSI&James is exciting and varied: In addition to approaching potential new customers, we ensure the satisfaction of our existing customers. Furthermore, we participate in trade fairs, webinars & industry events and are thus an essential figurehead of SUSI&James.
Leistungen und Benefits

Our employee stories

Entry and career opportunities

Join us and become part of the SUSI&James team. Your possibilities are manifold. Welcome are with us:
- Working students,
- Interns for the practical semester or the final thesis,
- Junior candidates,
- Career changers,
- or experienced and change-motivated talent.
We will discuss your further career together on an individual basis. During our annual discussions with our employees, we will always keep an eye on your development and follow it up.

Application process

1: You have found us as a potential employing company. The first step is done.
2: You simply submit your application via our application form and then we look over your documents.
3: After you have fallen in love, the first meeting with our HR manager follows. The first meeting is exciting and will give you further impressions about us and the profile you are looking for. At the same time, we look forward to getting to know you better.
4: If there are still sparks for each other after the mutual review phase, the next step is for you to get to know your colleagues from the specialist department better. In the course of this interview, we will introduce you to the task at hand in order to give you a precise insight and find out how your previous experience fits in.
5: Optionally, there can be another subject-related exchange.
6: If everything fits for you and us up to this point, you will receive an offer from us. If your answer is "yes", we will seal this with your employment contract and our onboarding will take its course. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

This is how you find us:

With public transport: Line 4 and 5 - Bonifatiuskirche stop

By car: B38 

When you come through the gates onto the Turley site: 

Du nimmst die Erste Abzweigung rechts, läufst Richtung Balettschule und siehst um die Ecke bereits den Eingang. 


Wir sind für Sie da!

Unser Service-Team steht Ihnen gerne Montag bis Freitag von 8:00 bis 18:00 Uhr zur Verfügung.


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+49 621 4907 8707

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