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If you want to be innovative, you have to do research. If you also want to make a contribution to society as a whole, you should do so with suitable collaborations from industry and research. We are always on the lookout for cooperation members with good know-how and networks in order to jointly drive forward the digitization of Germany.

As an innovation-driven company, SUSI&James aims to operate at the highest technological level. In order to achieve this, it is especially important to be close to scientific and industrial research. For this reason SUSI&James has decided to participate in research projects.
Available research programs are continuously evaluated with regard to their fit with SUSI&James. With the help of industry partnerships, consortial research ventures, and scientific dialog with research institutions, the overarching goal is to continuously improve the user experience when dealing with artificial intelligence and thus also with the company's own products.
The information gained from research and funding programs helps to increase the quantity and quality of available AI-based solutions for our customers.


The H2SkaProMo research project aims to lay the foundation for the necessary flexible and scalable production of fuel cell stacks. The production of fuel cell stacks is to be mapped economically with industry-oriented and scalable production systems. By integrating a wide variety of data sources, SUSI&James is creating a digital twin for monitoring and optimizing the complex production process.

KARLI research project

In the research project KARLI, SUSI&James is dedicated to the exciting topics of "interactions in the vehicle of the future" and "autonomous driving". With the help of AI and voice interfaces, data concerning the driving situation and condition of the driver is collected and processed. Based on this intelligent collection of feedback, digital voice assistance supports level-compliant driving behavior and enables a safer and more pleasant ride.

KI in der Entwicklung Automotive


Innovative technologies such as Generative AI and Deep Learning have shown the potential to change the way we work and view our world in recent years. We are committed to integrating these technologies into our product landscape to provide the best possible user experience for our customers. The use of these technologies requires continuous evaluation and monitoring to ensure they meet requirements and expectations. For this reason, we carefully assess the extent to which we can meaningfully leverage this potential into a risk-free and intuitive application.

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current projects


The goal of the project is to develop scalable cyber-physical production systems for the assembly of fuel cell stacks.


The focus of the KARLI project is the development of an adaptive, responsive and level-conform interaction in the vehicle of the future.

Patent application

The procedure ensures the SUSI&James hybrid voice assistance
If, for example, an AI is unable to answer a user's question, it can be supported by a human in the background and in a way that is not visible to the user. In this way, the intelligence of the AI and that of the human merge, and the user experiences the best possible interaction with an artificial intelligence, completely free of media disruptions.
This process leads to a continuous improvement of AI and relieves the human colleagues, who can use the resulting free space for value-adding activities and relevant communication, which cannot be replaced by AI.

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