Real-time data processing in driver testing

As the complexity of vehicles increases, so do the demands on driver testing. It is of immense importance to strictly adhere to the planned test scenarios. With the help of real-time data processing, we can record and evaluate complaints found during the journey with the most detailed information possible on their origin and manifestation in natural speech dialog. Fulfilling these tasks in conjunction with always operating the vehicle safely is a major challenge that is supported in the best possible way by SUSI&James' AI-based solution. In this way, data quality and traffic safety are increased while costs are reduced.

Through the Digital Assistant SUSI, our product is able to provide real-time feedback to the driver on the degree of fulfillment of the test scenarios or even information about the vehicle via speech in defined situations or at the driver's verbal request.

Furthermore, reports can be recorded by voice during the test drive and automatically processed in real time. This possibility of direct communication between SUSI and the driver means that test reports can be designed more intelligently in dialog and a high level of data quality can be ensured even during the recording process.

Subsequent processes such as the assignment of reports to the appropriate departments and further processing of the data can also be automated using artificial intelligence (learning system).

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AI-supported driver testing

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