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Catarina joined the SUSI&James team as a project manager in June 2021 and ensured the expansion of the female power. As the first female project manager in our Trade and Service business unit, her background in computational linguistics gives her a special position.

"SUSI&James gives me the chance to grow from my challenges in a family and supportive work environment."

Catarina stands out for her extremely active and creative personality. Her hobbies are varied with music in the chamber choir or her a capella band and exotic hobbies such as astronomy, Chinese and beatboxing.

Already during her bachelor studies Catarina lived in Shanghai for 2 months as part of an internship. There she was involved in a research project at the East China Normal University. Already during her master studies in computational linguistics, Catarina was involved in various projects and was allowed to lead parts of them independently. She quickly realized that she wanted to pursue a varied profession and not just limit herself to programming.

Therefore, she decided to take the path to become a project manager in order to use her technical experience in programming as well as her excellent communication skills to form an interface between customers and programmers. As a project manager, her work includes general organization, customer meetings, testing, and developer meetings. This makes Catarina's day-to-day work extremely versatile and requires agility.

"At SUSI&James, I want to gain practical work experience, but develop myself overall and grow from my challenges. Here I can try out new things and always learn something new..”

As a project manager, Catarina discusses client requests and requirements in regular meetings. She assesses to what extent features correspond to the project scope and whether they can be included in this scope. If a customer requirement is not subject to technical feasibility, it is her job to communicate this adequately.

Since Catarina's background is in computational linguistics, she has the advantage of often being able to independently evaluate technical feasibility. Her testing of projects occasionally results in revisions and new suggestions. Catarina communicates this to the client and formalizes the processes and procedures. Thus, requirements are visually translated into concrete tasks in the form of flowcharts, for example, so that developers can make new implementations.

Catarina conducts testing at regular intervals to ensure that various components of a product function properly as well as provide a responsive and simple user interface. For our Digital Associate SUSI, Catarina focuses primarily on performing unconventional scenarios. Organizing these individual subtasks, including composing emails and documenting progress, rounds out Catarina's daily routine.

We thank Catarina for the interview and are happy to have her with us!

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