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Our cross-industry AI solutions are also used, for example, in medical practices, law firms or public utilities. Our digital employees can be easily integrated into a wide variety of system landscapes. The scalable architecture allows a step-by-step introduction in your company. Within the scope of numerous projects from various industries, SUSI has already been able to optimize many company processes, for example, our digital employees take over and process the entire telephone overflow.

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Use cases of our AI solution from other industries

Public utilities

The energy supply business is strongly influenced by seasonal events. Price increases, bill dispatch or new energy flat rates ensure that many customers contact the energy supply company in a very short period of time. The incoming telephone volume is not always manageable in times of shortage of skilled workers and the already enormous workload. As part of the Smart Office, our AI solution, the Digital Employee SUSI, brings the necessary skills and experience to directly support energy utilities and other public companies. It handles all call overflow and takes care of routing depending on the concern. For critical concerns, such as a gas fault, our AI solution routes the call directly to the fault reporting center by phone. By processing meter readings, billing adjustments or bill changes on a case-by-case basis, employees gain time that they can invest in more customer-care-intensive conversations with customers.

Legal representations

The volume of telephone calls in law firms exceeds the availability of the secretarial staff. A particular challenge is that the telephone volume is subject to cyclical fluctuations. At peak times, many calls thus remain unanswered. Without the digital employee SUSI, secretariats would have to record the concerns of callers in time-consuming conversations and forward them in bullet-point form to the appropriate legal representation for processing. Since the start of the collaboration, SUSI has been supporting secretarial staff. It takes over all calls that cannot be handled by the secretariat team. During the conversation, the caller states the reason for the call, which is classified by our AI solution. Depending on the recognized topic, SUSI asks specific questions or answers the caller's question immediately. It then sends a summary, including the queried file number, to the relevant department or directly to the legal representative concerned. SUSI also informs the caller which documents can be sent to the office in advance. This reduces the number of callbacks and increases the turnaround time.

Medical practices

"We receive hundreds of calls a day, and especially during this extraordinary time, SUSI's support is pure gold. It provides us with significant added value." Our Digital Employee SUSI handles phone calls at Dr. Eckermann and Bauer's medical practice. In the process, their concerns are recorded and processed for the staff. "Our employees are relieved by this AI solution and our practice is always available for our callers. It gives us a great feeling."

Integration as chatbot

Together with TotalEnergies, we developed the learning, digital employee "Elodie", who offers a special customer service. She answers questions about products and services via chat, serves as a navigation aid on the website, and accepts feedback from our customers. Elodie is constantly learning and is available around the clock.


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