• We help you make the most of artificial intelligence for your business

    The digital employees of SUSI & James GmbH, based on artificial intelligence, take over and optimize a wide variety of communication-heavy business processes in companies. We work daily with the latest technologies & processes from the fields of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing.

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  • Smart Office
    Increase productivity and customer satisfaction by using our Smart Office as a scalable telephony solution.

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  • Process Digitization & Automation
    Automate and optimize traditional business processes in your company with the use of digital technologies.
  • Driver testing
    As vehicle complexity increases, so do the demands placed on vehicle testing. With the help of our AI, you can improve your data quality and increase the safety and satisfaction of your test drivers.

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  • Integration as chatbot
    Communicate automatically with your customers and business partners via any channel.

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  • Innovation & Development
    Learn how we are driving digitization in key areas of society.

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With our EVA technology platform, we can interact with your existing systems to provide end-to-end
Digitization and, building on this, the automation of corporate and communication processes. We call this approach hyperautomation. Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing are relevant components of our core technology EVA.


We work daily with the latest technologies and methods from the fields of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Prozessdigitalisierung KI-Lösungen

We automate and optimize traditional business processes with the use of digital technologies.

KI in der Entwicklung Automotive

We help drive digitization in key areas of society. 

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Products that inspire

Smart Office

Our telephone solution helps reduce high call volume and employee overload.

Driver testing

Improved data quality and increase test driver safety & satisfaction (via app or telephony solution).

The competencies of our
Digital employees



Phone / Speak

Edit emails

Automate processes

Update merchandise management data

Operate programs independently

... and much more!

*This is only part of our skill set! Our AI is designed to be used in every conceivable case to relieve employees.

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Industry-specific use cases

Driver testing

Through many years of experience in testing components, vehicles and platforms, we know that as the complexity of vehicles has increased, so have the demands on vehicle testing and test drivers. Test drivers are challenged to record complaints in as much detail as possible during the test drive, complete the drives in a timely manner, and - of course - arrive safely at the destination. Our AI-powered co-driver ensures a high-quality exchange of information without data loss in real time. The driver exchanges relevant information in a natural dialogue with the AI: Driving maneuvers are guided and documented, abnormalities are captured during the test drive, details are recorded along a fault tree, and data is documented in test systems in real time. Our AI-supported co-driver significantly increases data quality while relieving the driver and thus increasing safety, while process speed increases at reduced costs.

Automotive & Industry

Our customer offers premium products individually adapted to the needs of the purchaser, which are largely produced manually in a complex single-station production. There was a lack of transparency regarding the production status and the then possible delivery date of the individual products. As a first step, all production steps were digitally recorded so that a production dashboard can display the degree of completion of each product in real time. A completion date is forecast for each product, taking into account employee absences or material availability and other influencing factors. Using the available data, our AI-based system creates automated and optimized manufacturing and workload planning. This means that resources can be deployed efficiently and at short notice with significantly less planning effort, while reducing the overall throughput time in production. This generates clearly positive effects on the value creation process and has a positive impact on employee and customer satisfaction.

Smart Office

The accessibility of car dealerships by telephone is a challenge in many ways: customers call outside opening hours, employees are in a customer conversation that you don't want to interrupt, or all the lines are busy. Yet contact, especially from potential buyers, is worth hard cash. This is where our artificial intelligence - which at Renault Retail Group goes by the name of Zoe - comes in. Zoe takes over the telephone call overflow and records the relevant request in a dialog with the customer. The system's learning AI forwards the information to the specialist departments accordingly. This not only leads to better accessibility of the dealerships, but also to accelerated processing of customer concerns and relieved employees. In addition, the customer experience is significantly improved and the turnaround time to problem resolution is reduced without the need for additional resources.

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